Red Dog Power supplies and installs solar panels, inverters and lithium batteries of the highest quality.
Whether you are a family that simply wants to cut power bills, live in a remote location with no access to grid power or want to secure your electricity independence - Red Dog Power is your trusted partner in all things Solar, Off-Grid, Electrical and Batteries.


Imagine getting all the power you need from a stationary panel sitting on the roof which only needs the occasional clean? What's not to like about solar power!

Red Dog Power supplies and installs solar panels and inverters of the highest quality. Don't get caught with any online quotes, Rob does site visits where your roof gets measured up, batten spacing checked and your switchboard and meter box inspected. You will get asked questions about your power use and will receive some solutions to them (like power diversion to hot water systems).


Preferred panel REC and solar inverter FRONIUS will give you years of fantastic power output and great warranty support. CATCH POWER will also give you a great option to manage any excess solar production to go straight to large loads like hot water systems or pool pumps.




Live in a remote location with no access to grid power or want to secure your electricity independence? Look no further than a custom standalone system by Red Dog Power.

After an in depth energy assessment, Rob will design you an off grid power system tailored to your needs. AC or DC coupled system? Both? Remote monitoring, trigger certain loads depending on your battery state of charge, with or without generator back up? An off grid design is extensive and contains many options. The key is that you, the customer, knows what you are getting and what the system is capable of. By using only the highest quality of materials and best installation, you will be guaranteed a long lasting, dependable and easy to use standalone energy system.






So many times I get customers asking me if I’m an electrician as well. Did you know that you are required to hold an electrical licence to install solar? (so many “solar retailers” dont, they are really just resellers). 

Ask for any electrical works you need done as well during your solar install. 


During your solar site inspection Rob might point out that your sub main cabling needs upgrading for solar (volt rise issues, inverter ramp downs) or you just want some extra lights or powerpoints in the house (can be easily and cheaply done while he’s already in the roof). Just ask and we’ll work it out.



Feed in tariff keeps dropping, power outages becoming more frequent or just want to invest in home power storage? Lithium batteries now have a solid, long lasting quality.

BYD Lithium batteries can now be connected to grid connect hybrid systems like the new FRONIUS GEN24 range for uninterrupted power to essential circuits in your home. If you would like to go a step further with full backup, PYLONTECH or POWERPLUS batteries  coupled to a VICTRON battery inverter will give you near unlimited power.